Traditional funerals are still very popular, but we’re definitely seeing a growing trend towards events designed to be a little bit different.  Our guide to “Something a little bit different” helps families choose unique elements that reflect a unique life lived. Our priority, as experienced funeral directors, is to focus on what’s “just right” for the deceased and the loved ones left behind.  Here’s just some of the ways we can help create a personal and meaningful farewell.

The Coffin

It’s the first thing people associate with funerals and today, we see a full range of styles, materials and designs.

  • Traditional – a six sided, wooden coffin is still the most popular, but we offer many types of wood, different handles, panels and sides and ensure they are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sourced.
  • Designed – any pattern, image or colour that you want is possible with our bespoke designed coffins which can also feature photography, branding – even a blackboard top for memorial messages on the day.
  • Green – sustainable materials drive the choice of green coffins and alongside FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) unvarnished wood options, we can offer wicker, willow, bamboo, or cardboard coffins, or a natural cotton shroud.
  • Casket – open or closed wooden and metal caskets are also available in a range of colours with varying handle and other decorative options.


Hearses are the traditional choice especially as our fleet is the latest Mercedes E Class in a distinctive silver/grey.  Alternative options range from camper vans, buses, motorbikes to decorated trailers or horse-drawn carriages.  If it’s possible, we’ll source whatever you need.  We’ll plan routes of significance passing places of school and work, former homes, neighbourhoods and especially during a time when numbers attending may be limited, this allows people to pay their respects.

The Service

Celebrations of life as the main funeral service, or at a later date, are incredibly important.  Even during a pandemic, we were able to offer online options through webcasting and live streaming.  We’ll provide creative solutions to work alongside restrictions at the time like our drive through farmer’s funeral in a field, or installing screens outside a venue to share the service with socially distanced mourners outside.

From dress codes or themes, to music choices, we can arrange, tuba, jazz, carnival and rock bands to choirs or soloist performers both live and pre-recorded.

And sometimes the most thoughtful things cost nothing: sharing flowers from the main tribute amongst those at a graveside, handing out books, garden gnomes or special sweets as keepsakes from someone who was known for that hobby.


On the day, we usually offer Orders of Service: printed booklets that summarise the event, participants and readings.  But increasingly, these are photo led, running to many pages as they become a lasting tribute to keep.  We can help prepare these both in print, but also as a digital presentation which can be played on the day and kept on file for those who want to reflect later.

A Lasting Legacy

Whether that’s the burying or scattering of ashes, we offer a range of caskets, urns and scatter tubes.  We also have a full memorials service to create new, or adapt current, memorial stones.  Legacies can also be left in less traditional ways: a bench, a tree, a plaque, in jewellery, fingerprint and plaster casts, to prizes and bursaries for generations to come.

There’s no limit to how we can help you shape a funeral that’s a little bit different.  And we love when we’re asked to do something out of the ordinary – see some of the options on our website today or ask for one of our free guides.  Either way, we have generations of experience to help guide you to arrange a funeral that’s “just right”.