Arranging a Celebrant

Many families today have no link of any kind with a church or minister. However there are many other fully trained and qualified people who will provide a dignified funeral service with your desired blend of content.

If you would like the ceremony to have a religious flavour then, in the first instance, we will liaise with the local parish minister who will be very willing to offer you all the advice and support you require. If for any reason he or she cannot assist we can approach either a retired member of the clergy or a civil celebrant either of whom will incorporate the conventional elements of a religious service.

However, if religious content is not appropriate we can, again, enlist the services of a civil celebrant or alternatively those of a secular humanist. It is important to note that most humanists will not entertain any reference to a deity or afterlife. For more information on either civil or humanist funeral ceremonies please refer to, or

Clergy and celebrants normally command a fee payable by us on your behalf.

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